The project will contribute to further increase the alignment of education with the needs of the labour market in Kosovo. In order to achieve this, the project will support and advance quality improvements to education programmes relevant to the labour market. Key to the approach chosen is the involvement of the private sector and its perspective wherever possible, e.g. in needs assessment, the definition of occupational profiles, standards, qualifications and curricula definition in training infrastructure provision, in training delivery (more practical training, in assessment and certification) etc.

The entry points chosen for the project’s interventions: Higher Education, Vocational Education and Training and the National Qualification Authority, allow for tackling the supply side’s alignment with labour markets from different angles and thus to implement a comprehensive approach that is to show effects both for selected sub-sectors as well as for the relation between education and labour market in general.


The three main results that correspond with the three entry points of the project’s intervention:1) Strengthen the link between Higher Education and labour market needs; 2) Ensure that the NQF is successfully implemented, and 3) Improve the quality of practical and applied teaching and learning, are intertwined in two main strands of activities:

  • Firstly, the development of a sustainable system for evidence based and labour market oriented education planning and the development of institutional and human resource capacity for its implementation, and
  • Secondly, the achievement of direct outreach to VET schools, adult training institutions and universities to test the functioning of the system in chosen sectors which will benefit from new curricula, equipment, teacher training, etc.