Programmes equipment and training

The four study programmes developed with the support of ALLED project have started to be implemented in the 8 selected VET schools in Kosovo (“Abdyl Frasheri” Prishtine, “Jonuz Zejnullahu” Viti, “Mehmet Isai” Gjilan, “Ali Hadri” Peje, “Tafil Kasumaj” Deçan, “Kadri Kusari” Gjakovë, “Selahdin Mullaabazi-Mici” Rahovec and “Pjeter Bogdani” Ferizaj). The study programmes on Agriculture, Food Processing, Mechatronics and Production Operator have been developed based on the four Occupational Standards for the respective occupations which also were developed with the support of ALLED Project in a process that involved around 50 teachers from the selected VET schools, representatives from the Ministry of Education, Science and technology, representatives from the National Qualification Authority and other stakeholders.

The interest of students to find a place in this four programmes was very high and in some cases the number of applications exceeded the number required to complete the classroom. After the promotion campaign organized by ALLED project jointly with schools the number of enrolled students radically increased, for example in the first call the number of students who have applied in the programmes developed with the project support is: Prishtina 60 students, Viti 59 students, Ferizaj around 65 students, Gjakova around 50 students, etc.

For a more effective and efficient implementation of the programmes the project has started to deliver the relevant equipment to respective schools. The first phase of equipment has been submitted which includes furniture, green houses and seeds and plants. The second phase (lab equipment, mechatronics and production lines) will be implemented in November – December 2016.

In addition, on September 10-11 and September 17-18, ALLED project in cooperation with the Faculty of Education has started the process of training VET teachers in pedagogy and didactics, and once the submission of equipment is completed teachers will also be trained to use the new equipment in the process of teaching and learning.