Workshop in Istog

On October 16 and 17 in the frame of ALLED project two parallel workshops were organized in Istog with representatives from Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, University of Prishtina, Fculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, Faculty of Education, Academic Development Office, Kosovo Accreditation Agency, National Qualification Authority and from the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education.

The workshop was structured including joint sessions in the beginning and in the end and parallel workshop groups during the rest of the time, one focusing on development of Occupational Standards and one focusing on development of Sector Profiles.

The sessions on Occupational Standards took into consideration the self-assessment report for the study programme “MA in Food Technology” and for the study programme“MA Mechantronics”.

The aim of the workshop was to share and enhance the understanding about the relevance of focusing on learning outcomes rather than learning content for ensuring a link to the labour market and raise awareness on the need to make qualifications more relevant for tasks and skills in the workplace.

Whereas the workshop on Development of Sector Profiles focused on methods of analyzing the labour market taking into consideration indicators and ways of calculating them.In addition, during the sessions participants were introduced to a model of Sector Profile which was followed up by discussions on how sector profile approach can be adapted in Kosovo.

Overall participation in the workshop was good, the interest in discussion and sharing of experience was great.